About me

I am a third year PhD student supervised by professor Hinrich Schuetze at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Currently I’m doing an internship at Microsoft. My research foci is models for very low-resource languages and parameter efficiency of large language models.

I have done research on applications of multilingual large language models for low-resource languages, representation learning, and cross-lingual transfer. I have examined the potential of high-resource language representations to enhance the performance of down-stream tasks in low-resource languages, as well as how can the synergy of having (a little amount of) data in many languages benefit better understanding of each language. I am also currently investigating methods for improving the efficiency and interpretability of multilingual models.

Before starting a PhD at LMU, I was a member of Intelligent Information System Lab Laboratory at University of Tehran, as a master student working under supervision of Dr. Azadeh Shakery. During my time there, my research centered on semantic matching for information retrieval systems.